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  • Raising Caviar on the Farm

    “ Raising Caviar on the Farm ” “The trouble always is,” explains James Bond to his female companion, “not how to get enough caviar, but how to get enough toast with it.” That might have been true in 1953, when 007 was getting his first outing in the novel Casino Royale. Today the reverse is …

  • Posh Food scam – Counterfeit Caviar

    On why buying counterfeit caviar can trigger real feelings of grief and how to select properly.

  • Secret London Unusual Bars & Restaurants

    I first stumbled upon Princesse d’Isenbourg when i was researching the filming location

  • CAVIAR – ‘The First Roe

    Published by Yumpu Issue 01 | December 2016 | page 20 -21 [Sassy_Social_Share title=”Share this article”]  

  • Stursnip Project

    Distributed at temperate latitudes throughout the northern hemisphere, sturgeon have been fished for meat …

  • Questions & Answers

    When caviar is exported or re-exported, the exact quantity of caviar must be indicated on any secondary container …

  • Saffron

    “ Saffron ” The world’s most expensive spice, is derived from the crocus flower, Crocus sativus. Saffron is a food flavouring and coloring agent. STATUS: Switzerland-based synthetic biology company, Evolva, has identified and built the metabolic pathways that result in three of saffron’s key chemical compounds related to colour and flavour. The pathways are inserted …

  • intro2

    My London

    “ My London ” with Chef and Party Planner Bunny Kings Gilly (Bunny) is a catering extraordinaire. Having trained at The Dorchester as the only female chef in the Brigade, her career has since taken her to become the Head Chef at Asprey and on to Guards Polo Club, Bulgari and De Beers. As a …

  • Universal labelling system

    … for the identification of caviar “ Universal labelling system ” AWARE that all living species of sturgeon and paddlefish (Acipenseriformes) are listed in Appendix I or II of CITES, but concerned that certain parts and derivatives of some sturgeon species may be subject to some illegal trade; RECOGNIZING that illegal trade has in the …

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