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Living for 30 years – the Sturgeon creates an intensely dark, almost luminous, small caviar with a strong yet delicate taste.

Proteins, Minerals, Vitamins, Oils – essential for life.


We extend to foodies and lovers of the finest provisions, a service that ensures delivery to be of a standard only achieved under the very closest direction and personal supervision of our company’s associates.

Caviar Avg. nutritional value – 100g / 264 kcal

Ingredients: Sturgeon Roe FISH (97%), Salt (3%)
Allergy-Info: see ingredients in bold.

fat 18.0 g sugars 0 g
/saturated fat 4.1 g protein 25.0 g
carbohydrates 4.0 g salt 1.5 g

— Always store at 0 to +2° —

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Caviar is perishable and will be shipped by UPS. Approximate shipping time is 1 business day.

Appearance: Fine and delicate texture
Preparation: Fresh
Storage Type: Only Refrigerated

All Caviar orders will be boxed and accompanied with frozen ice-units in Styrofoam packages at a guaranteed temperature levels for a period of between 48-72 hours. We pride ourselves to say that all our products are guaranteed to be fresh.

Package ought to be inspected at once upon arrival and refrigerated promptly hereafter. Do not open the Caviar receptacles unless for immediate consumption. Each unit is under a sealed vacuum and once broken, Caviar’s biggest enemy will intrude, i.e. OXYGEN, resulting in a rapid deterioration; henceforth, merely check that each receptacle is sealed and under vacuum by tapping the base;
a numb and dull sound should reveal that all is well.

Unopened vacuumed receptacles will last up to 90 days in a regular refrigerator (36-38F/0-2°). Though we urge you to find and place into the coolest spot to guarantee maximum enjoyment.



A capsule filled with invigorating energy

Eaten in its unmodified natural form, through careful handling, perfect transportation and storage.


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