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  • Meet the caviar Kingpin — the secret dealer to the A-list

    Meet the caviar kingpin — the secret dealer to the A-list  He’s the man who Kate Moss, Keira Knightley and Elton John rely on, but what does he make of the cheap Lidl stuff and TikTokers who ‘bump’ their fishy fix, asks Sacha Bonsor You live in London, can you find me a small tin of …

  • Financial Times – Moss Haves – Kate Moss shares her must-have items

    Kate loves caviar by Princesse d’Isenbourg with mash and sour cream My favourite luxurious comfort food has to be mashed potato with sour cream and caviar.Kate Moss shares her must-have items but getting them all will set you back £43K. But then you’d have to dig deep to afford any of Kate’s curios shown here. …

  • How Caviar is made

    The fish is instantly electrically stunned with ovaries removed and same rubbed over a nylon mesh to remove all eggs still stuck to the ovary skin …

  • Caviar for breakfast

    The last Tsar of Russia, Nicholas II, believed caviar to be so nutritious that he made his children eat it for breakfast …

  • Raising Caviar on the Farm

    “The trouble always is,” explains James Bond to his female companion, “not how to get enough caviar, but how to get enough toast with it.”

  • Posh Food scam – Counterfeit Caviar

    On why buying counterfeit caviar can trigger real feelings of grief and how to select properly.

  • Secret London Unusual Bars & Restaurants

    I first stumbled upon Princesse d’Isenbourg when i was researching the filming location

  • CAVIAR – ‘The First Roe

    Published by Yumpu Issue 01 | December 2016 | page 20 -21  

  • Questions & Answers

    When caviar is exported or re-exported, the exact quantity of caviar must be indicated on any secondary container …


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