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White Truffle 100g – Market Price


To some, they are the aphrodisiac ~ To everyone, they have a supreme flavour and an unrivalled ability to stimulate appetite


Truffles were known to the ancient Greeks and Romans. They have never lost their revered position among the world’s chefs and gastronomes. To some, they are the aphrodisiac. To everyone, they have a supreme flavour and an unrivalled ability to stimulate appetite. This last quality makes truffles an idea accompaniment to even simple dishes.

White Alba Truffles ~ Prices may vary as often as twice weekly

Fresh White Alba Truffles Seasonal from Oct. to Dec. (Tuber Magnatum Pico)

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The White Truffle (tuber magnatum pico) possesses indisputably, the most alluring aroma and taste.

Gastronomically referred to as the “White Diamond”, the mere presence of a few grams of the White Truffle hold Connoisseurs spellbound. Traditionally used in risotto, pasta, egg and meat dishes, just a few little flakes of this delectable substance harmonise and transform the simplest ingredients into a taste-enthralling feast and thus complementing its own, intimate and lasting fragrance.

Maturing between early October and December, “White Truffles” are totally natural and cannot be cultivated. To our delight, this scarce occurrence finds its match through expertly trained dogs hunting down the truffle prey, amid the cold and wintery spells in the forests.

For many years, Princesse d’Isenbourg et Cie has consolidated the finest sources of White Truffles each season, assuring Gastronomes and Gourmets alike of the sheer quality and skills in our selection.

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